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Safety Tips to Keep You Away from a Vape Explosion

Updated: May 28, 2018

No matter you’re a newbie or an old stager in vaping world, vape explosion would always be the last thing you would ever expect to encounter. The reported vape pen explosion incident killing a 38-year-old Florida man named Tallmadge D'Elia one week ago has aroused the panic over E-cigarettes among the vapers recently. Luckily, vape explosion rarely happens over these years, but when it happens, it could be destructive and life-altering for those victims causing much severe damage and loss. Therefore, it’s never too late for every vaper to get and use some safety tips to avoid a vape explosion.

In most of the reported e-cig explosion incidents, the major cause is always battery-related, such as using a random charger instead of the one specified by the manufacturer, using low-quality or damaged batteries, overcharging the batteries, exposing batteries to extreme environment or storing spare batteries together with other metal objects. Some other kinds of operation errors causing short circuit in the device can also contribute to an e-cig explosion.

Here are several pieces of advice KangerTech would like to give you:

1. Only use batteries and charger provided or specified by qualified manufacturers

If you’re using a replaceable battery mod, you’d better choose batteries and charger carefully. Compared with other accessories, the costs of battery and charger are pretty low and they’re for long-term use. Meanwhile, they are the most important part for vaping safety, so the most efficient way for vapers is to get high-quality batteries and charger. More and more regulated mods such as pollex and iKen kit have been accepted by customers, but the regulated mods are not foolproof. Please keep this in mind to avoid accidents as possible.

Vape With High-Quality Batteries

2. Timely replace your batteries once they get damaged or wet

Once you find any visible damage on the batteries or they accidentally get wet, immediately throw them away and replace with new quality ones. If your batteries happen to be irreplaceable, please don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer for solutions.

3. Do not overcharge your batteries or leave the charging unattended

Most of people tend to charge batteries for much longer time than required and some may even keep the charging overnight, which is very unwise and risky. Overcharging may cause overheating, which could be a potential blasting fuse for a possible explosion. Maybe it’s hard for you to keep your device being charged attended every moment, but you’d better clearly know how long your device will be fully charged and then you can unplug it in time. And don’t charge your device overnight as far as possible.

4. Prevent your batteries from contacting metal objects or being exposed to extreme temperatures

As metal has strong electrical conductivity, it can easily cause a short circuit when contacting with batteries in your pocket and then severe burns are very likely to follow. So always remember to keep away your batteries from any metal objects like keys, coins or buttons. Batteries can be affected by extreme temperatures. When the temperature is too high or too low, they will tend to perform incongruently with the normal specifications and stop working or even cause damage to your device or explode. You should place your batteries in an environment with the temperature range specified in the manual when charging them. And don’t leave them in the sun or in a hot car.

5. Keep your device away from water

Batteries are also sensitive to humidity and an electronic device can be easily damaged by water causing a short circuit. You should be very careful to avoid putting your e-cig in a wet or watery place. Store it in a water-proof case or container if you have to carry it along when going to the beach.

6. Try to use devices with key protection functions

It is always wise to choose a daily-used vaping device or e-cig that is equipped with multiple protection systems. Most reputable e-cig manufacturers have made the protection function a basic and indispensable feature for their devices. All vaping devices of KangerTech like Spider Kit and Vola kit both have the key protection functions such as high-temperature protection, low-voltage protection, overuse protection and short circuit protection, which can absolutely ensure you a safe vaping environment and experience.

Vape With Safety Devices

7. Strictly follow the user manual

When you receive your vaping device, do not rush to start vaping without reading through the user manual. The user manual can provide you with the most accurate and complete knowledge of the device. Properly operate your device following the manual and you’ll minimize the possibility of occurrence of the undesired disaster.

Vaping can always bring you a wonderful and fantastic experience, but the explosion caused by misoperation during vaping could bring you a terrible life change that you would never want. Keep those safety tips in your mind whenever using your device so that you can totally have fun in the vaping world.




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