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Kanger Gem Best Flavor Pod System

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Meta:  The new KangerTech Gem with advanced, ceramic coil technology is built for flavor. There is no other pods that compare to Kanger.

Kanger Gem Pod Handcheck

The new KangerTech Gem vape pod system is a step forward for pod vape systems. With so many pods being released these days, it can be hard to keep track of what the latest, hot pod vape is! Plus, they all look so similar. But appearances can be deceiving. It’s what is on the inside that counts.

For example, the Kanger Gem has a 500 mAh battery that fully charges in about an hour. This is a leap forward in battery technology. Other pod systems brag that their 200 mAh batteries charge in an hour. Well, that’s old news. The KangerTech Gem battery technology has set a new standard. And at 500 mAh, you don’t have to worry about trying to find a break in the day to charge your vape. 500 mAh will get you through the longest day and then some.

When trying to make the switch from smoking to vaping, the last thing you need is a low capacity pod battery that won’t even get through half a day. The Gem’s 500 mAh battery is long-lasting, efficient, and built to get you through the day.

More than just a better battery, The KangerTech Gem also features 2.0 ml refillable vape pods. In addition, each pod has a perfectly integrated ceramic coil system and the end result is the best flavor you can get from any pod vaping system. Just to recap, the Hem is setting a new standard for batteries, flavor, and vapor.

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KangerTech Gem Pod System Review

The KangerTech Gem pod vape system review begins with a look at the specs:

● 80 mm length

● 32 mm wide

● 14 mm thick

● Weighs 37 g

● 500 mAh battery

● 2.0 ml capacity pods with ceramic coils

● Output is a consistent 3.7 volts or 11.2 watts

The KangerTech Gem system comes in six different finishes.

1. Black

2. Hot Pink

3. Blue

4. Rainbow

5. Green

6. Silver

KangerTech Gem Pod Colorways

The Gem starter kit comes with:

● KangerTech Gem

● USB charging cable

● 1 x Gem 2.0 ml capacity refillable vape pod

● User Manual

With the Gem, you always know how much battery power you have left. Unlike other pod systems where you don’t know until the battery gives out, with the Gem you will always know how much battery is left and when you should recharge. And by the way, the 500 mAh battery will charge in about an hour! That is definitely worth mentioning again and again. The Gem has three indicator lights on the front of the device.

● Three lights indicates that the battery is at 65% or more.

● Two lights indicates that the battery is between 30% and 65%

● One light indicates that the battery is at less than 30% capacity

Once the battery is below the 30% threshold, it is a good idea to recharge at the earliest convenience. In general, it is not a good idea to drain vape batteries to the very end. But with 500 mAh at your disposal, the KangerTech Gem is going to outlast similar sized pod vape systems.

KangerTech Gem Pods 2 ML Vape Juice Capacity

The first thing you notice about the KangerTech Gem Pods is that they are very easy to use. Filling the Gem pod is so easy. Trying to refill other vape pods can be a mess. Users almost always end up with spills and leaks. With Gem pods, you won’t waste you favorite vape juice.

The Gem pod has a bottom filling feature that is easy to access. Simply flip open the bottom juice fill port and expose the large opening. Fill with juice, close the seal, and pop the pod back in place. It’s that easy. Of course the best part is when you put in a freshly filled Gem pod and start vaping. Because the flavor and vapor are just awesome.

The 1.2 ohm ceramic coils in the Gem pods deliver a pure flavor. The Gem system produces tremendous vapor, and amazing flavor.

Gem Juice Filling

Gem Pods Come In Packs Of Two. Learn More Here.

Pod Vape System Made For Superior Flavor

Let’s be honest. Most pod vape systems are made for as big a nicotine hit as possible. The flavor and enjoyment are minimal. That is not the case with KangerTech pod systems. For example the Kangertech Supo MTL and DL pod vape device is a compact pod that will deliver flavor and vapor. In fact, the Supo is capable of MTL and sub ohm vaping! At KangerTech, we are always innovating.

The Gem system is made for MTL vaping and flavor at its very best. Of course there are other advantages, too. Kanger pod vape systems have larger e-juice and battery capacity than JUUL e-cigs and JUUL pods. Compare the JUUL 200 mAh battery and the 0.7 ml capacity JUUL pods to the Kanger Gem with a 500 mAh battery and 2 ml capacity refillable Gem pods.

As a result, not only does the Gem offer exceptional battery capacity, e-juice capacity, and ease of use, users also enjoy a satisfying, flavor rich vape.



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