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Guidance on How to Verify KangerTech Products’ Authenticity

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

You must have heard of KangerTech if you’re a vaper, so must the knockoff makers. To help customers figure out if their KangerTech products are authentic and protect KangerTech brand, we have given every single KangerTech product a unique label. You can easily know whether the product you bought is originally from us or not by checking the serial ID number on its package on our anti-counterfeit website.

Now we’ve adopted advanced Laser Anti-counterfeit technology, which makes it easier to distinguish if a product is genuine or fake.

We have two kinds of verification codes for KangerTech products, so please check which kind of code is used on the package first.

1. The Old System

Step 1: Open the Anti-counterfeit website


Input the serial ID number, and then click to check

Step 2:

Check if the dynamic code matches your label. If not, your product must be fake; if yes, please click YES.

Step 3:

This result shows your product is authentic

If the result goes like this or gives any other information that cannot prove your product’s authenticity, your product probably be a counterfeit. Please contact us for further examination.

2. The New System

The most convenient way to identify its authenticity is flipping the security card under light. You will see the shape of word “Kanger” curve as the viewing angle changes.

You can also verify it by QR code. Scratch the anti-counterfeit coating, open your QR code reader on your phone, scan the code, and then you will get the result directly.

If you don't have a QR code reader APP, just open our site, scroll down to the page footer, and input your serial ID, you will get the same result.

With the sophisticated laser marking technology, the new anti-counterfeit system makes product identification more convenient, and also creates an insurmountable obstacle for counterfeiters.

Please contact us if you still have any uncertainty. We’ll get back to you ASAP.



Old System

New System



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