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3 Steps Switch from Smoking to Vaping Quickly(Former Smoker’s Advice)

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Probably it’s not the first time you made your decision to quit smoking. As one of the former smokers, I sincerely know the truth that you can’t give it up easily. We come back to tobacco again and again. Now it’s time to give vaping a shot to help you to quit smoking.

1. Choose E-cigarettes to Help You to Quit Smoking

We call quitting smoking without the help of a quit aid as Cold Turkey, which is very hard for most people, because Nicotine is a powerfully addictive drug that affects brain chemistry. Some reports advise you to avoid any smoking triggers like staying away from smokers, changing your routine or staying busy to keep away from any things you might associate with smoking, which is impossible in real life. So it’s no shame to get quit aids or helps.

The funny things is that although thousands of smokers have confirmed that electronic cigarette is more effective than normal quit aids such as Nicotine Patch, Nicotine Gum or Nicotine Inhaler, E-cigarette has not been approved in the U.S. as a quit aid as of yet. Smoking is a habit, a bad one developed along with our lives in ages, and you can’t change your habit easily, so the best way is to find an alternative. Vaping can relax your mood when you are exhausted like cigarettes do, and much safer than smoking, and meanwhile it is much safer than smoking. And it’s never too late to switch from smoking to vaping.

Several Quit Aids and E-cig Pros&Cons

2. What Kind of Vaping Device You Should Start With?

Nicotine Addiction is the biggest enemy you have to face in the beginning. Switching from 25 cigarettes a day to Nicotine-free e-juice seems impossible. As a new vaper, you may not get used to the flavors of E-Juices, which indeed taste quite differerent from traditional tobacco, and you can’t get the same satisfaction from e-juices as from tobacco either. However, Nicotine Salt can give you more “Nicotine Satisfaction”, bringing more intense throat hit with less undesired flavor.

Juul has been dominating the market, which also contributes to the meteoric rises of Nicotine Salts. But people need some cheaper alternatives, or want to try something else. The Uboat Kit from KangerTech is also a good choice to get great Nicotine Salt experience. For starters Uboat Kit is super easy to operate and you never have to worry about how to wick coils, how to set up mods, etc.

3. Switch to Vaping with Community

After you try some Nicotine Salt devices, you might be interested in more vape gears and flavors. At the very beginning of trying different gears, there are some stuff that have won good reputation such as KangerTech Subox Mini Starter Kit with great flavor chaser with cheap price. Besides, get some backups, in vape world, “Two is one, one is none”. It is easy to go back to store and get a pack of cigarette when your device break or runs out of juice. As for me, I take the Subox Mini as daily vaping device that bring me great flavor and not that much clouds, and put an Uboat kit in my pocket for stealth vape, I also leave an AITE tank with IKEN mod in house, when I back home every night, I can enjoy great flavor and huge clouds.

Backups are Essential

There are thousands of people switching from smoking to vaping out there, so you can always get advice from vaping community, and you’ll be the one to help a stranger in need one day.

Vaping can not only save your health, but also your money in long term. You may get frustrated sometimes, but never go back to tobacco. Keep your smoking-free record and share it with your family and friends which could also help a lot.



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