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10 Tips to Get Rid of Vape Spitback

Compared with the rare case of a destructive vape explosion, which we have shared 7 safety tips on how to avoid before, a vape spitting or vape spitback may be a much more frequent annoyance that could totally spoil your fun of vaping. When vape spitback happens, some excess e-liquid can directly pop into your mouth, usually at high temperatures, which not only can make you taste the bitter raw e-liquid grudgingly, but also may cause slight burn to your tongue. That can be really an annoying and painful experience for any vaper.

Vape spitback mostly happens when the coil is overly saturated and flooded with e-liquid. With a flooded coil, when the atomizer is fired, the excess e-liquid will get cooked instead of vaporized and then the hot droplets can easily find their way to jump into your mouth through the mouthpiece. What’s worse, if the spitback keeps happening, it may make your atomizer completely unused. Though vape spitback is such a nuisance, luckily there are still ways for vapers to avoid it as possible. Now KangerTech would like to share several tips with you:  

1. Do Not Flood Your Coil. Flooding is usually caused when you drip too much e-liquid into the tank. Don’t overdo the dripping or priming. The wick should be well soaked, but not overly saturated making the coil flooded. You should pay enough attention to how much e-liquid is appropriate when filling your tank. Use a tissue to clean the excess e-liquid if your tank is overfilled.  

2. Increase the Wattage. When you use too low wattage to heat the coil, the e-liquid may not be able to get vaporized as quickly as the wick is supplying it, and then the flooding and spitback will follow, especially if you take a hard puff. Check the resistance value of your coil and try increasing the output wattage (normally by 5-10W) to a proper level within the range recommended, and you will see the situation gets improved.

3. Fire Before Puffing. There is a simpler way you can easily try if you drip too much e-liquid: Press the fire button for a few seconds before you take the first puff. If there is excess e-liquid flooding the coil, you’ll hear some popping sounds when firing. This firing way can help vaporize the excess e-liquid before you vape. After the popping sounds subside, you can start to puff and enjoy the vaping without spitback risk.

4. Check Your Wick. If you’re getting spitback from an RTA, the problem might come from your wick. Sometimes your wick may not work well with the RTA. You need to check and make sure the wick used is enough to block the gap between the coil and the tank so as to avoid too much e-liquid making its way to flood the coil.

5. Clear off the Excess E-liquid in the Chimney. The extra e-liquid that was not vaporized during your previous vaping can easily accumulate in the chimney and then find its way back to the coil causing spitback when you vape again. Luckily, this problem can be easily solved by quickly shaking the tank downwards to clear out the excess e-liquid or using some tissues to soak up the e-liquid inside the chimney.

6. Try to Avoid Complicated Coils. Lots of experienced vapers or cloud-chasers always like to use the complicated coils, also called multi-strand coils. But these coils are more vulnerable to popping and spitting because of their special design. The easiest way to avoid that spitback is just staying away from those complicated coils. If it’s really hard for you to give up the enriched taste or huge clouds brought by those coils, then at least be sure to use the coils with better resistance match and quality wicks and pay close attention to the output power when vaping.  

7. Control Your Inhaling. Sometimes you may try inhaling very hard so as to get more vapor, but this could pull too much e-liquid into the chamber and then cause flooding. Try inhaling gently and letting the coil and wick do their work when vaping. If the problem still exists, try turning the airflow adjustment ring to reduce the airflow.

8. Use Higher VG E-liquid. The e-liquid with high PG is usually thinner than with high VG. The thinner e-liquid can more likely get flooding as it will speed up the wicking than the thicker one. So try changing to the e-liquid with higher VG when the spitback problem keeps annoying you. Besides, if the e-liquid you’re using has been exposed to air for too long time, the spitback may also happen. So be sure to remember to timely seal the e-liquid after you finish refilling every time.

9. Turn to Device with Anti-spitback Mesh. There are many devices with the anti-spitback mesh equipped in the drip tip or the chimney. Though the mesh doesn’t actually solve the root problem, it can effectively prevent the hot popping droplets spitting back into your mouth.

10. Cover Your Drip Tip. If you failed on all the methods mentioned above, this is one last simple way you could still try. Use a paper towel to cover the drip tip and then you can ensure that the hot droplets will not reach your mouth.  

Spitback can happen for any vaper, but don’t be frustrated, because you can always find possible ways to fix it. Just keep the above tips in your mind and you can stay far away from that annoyance.



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