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The Perfect Sidekick For The Subtank

Durable, Lightweight, For Both Beginners & Advanced Vapers



Welcome to Kangertech

Kangertech is one of the most well-known electronic cigarette brands based in China. Providing customers with industry leading service and products and an overall pleasant vaping experience worldwide. Here at Kanger, we design and manufacture with industry standard qualifications. We are CE, RoHS and SGS certified. ISO9001 , cGMP certified and meet the international environmental management system ISO 14000 standards. We strive to work with worldwide influencers and consumers to create new and innovative products.

To maintain our constant connection with key influencers in our industry and our customers in order to provide everyone with better and market disrupting devices. We want to ensure the future of electronic cigarettes and the culture known as vaping to remain and become the next step in our advancement as a society. Getting people off burning tobacco and moving on to a more healthier and fun alternative that is the vaping experience.
We believe that the customer is what keeps us going. Although an obvious fact, for many it is something that doesn’t stay in their focus. We want to remain focused on giving our customers the best and fastest service. At Kanger, we have many representatives who have a large amount of experience in our company leaving their customers worry free and fulfilled of their inquiries.

Kangertech’s Newest Line: The Subtank Series

Featuring Kangertech’s new coil design paired with organic Japanese cotton wicks, giving you better flavor and a better vaping experience.


3D Breakdown of The Original Subtank & Subtank Mini

Provided by Vapebloc, this is a basic walkthrough of the Original Subtank & The Subtank Mini